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FREE version, v2.0, 11Mb, for Win

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This program is very good and it is what I need.
Please make a dontation buton (paypay) for I make a donation to you and support your wonderfull job.
Nice program. Thanks for the great effort.
Freebuttons is the best I have ever seen.
Wonderful program, I am very new to web sites and this program is great. helps a lot. 
I really like your FREE program!
When I tried your program, I was so impressed by what it could do. 
Some of the things could be done, perhaps, in large image editing app.
Great software, simple and efficient.
Thank you.
Thank you for creating Freebuttons program it is one of the best.
Nice program. Is there a way to make dropdown sub-menu items?
Thanks for the great effort.
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